Boostez votre vitesse et votre condition physique !!

Improve your speed and your fitness !!

An application for sports coaches, physical preparers, fitness teachers, sportsmen, health professionals, etc. Accessible to anyone with a tablet or smartphone on Android or IOS.

saq coach free


Some examples of use


We use it regularly in the physical preparation of our high-level athletes in tennis, football, handball, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics etc. With young and professional athletes and in our physical preparation room, Coach in Box.

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Our sponsors

They have been supporting us since the beginning of the project. Thanks to them!!!






Triple jump

World Junior Champion, European Champion and 2 Olympics







Former professional and captain of L1 and Senegal clubs







Professional and former international







Vice-champion of the world 1500m junior Olympic preparation







Professional, Top 350 ATP, former world junior top 25




In box


Physical Preparation Room

saq coach free

For Who?


The app is suitable for all sports professionals and enthusiasts as well as health professionals. Its ease of use also allows all athletes to be able to use it independently.


Physical E

Physical trainer

Speed/Fitness / Reathletization

Whether it is to set up a workshop in autonomy or a workshop allowing you to worry about giving instructions, working on variations etc. The application allows you to change the set of parameters in order to work the speed and speed of information processing.


Sports Coach

Fitness teacher

Fitness/Cardio Work

The application allows you to set up circuit
s in fitness autonomy with a series of physical exercises or to set up a fun cardio workshop in your training circuits.



Of all levels


You are a sportsman and you want to work independently in order to increase your physical potential as well as your speed. Your application allows you to work the speed and speed of information processing that are primordial settings whatever your level in most sports..


sProfessionnels of Health


The application allows the patient to work independently. All the programs are adapted for the rehabilitation following the injuries of the lower body for all athletes regardless of their level.

Our programs


[L'application permet de régler l'ensemble de vos paramètres très rapidement. Les programmes sont évolutifs dans la complexité à traiter l'information dans un temps réduit (que vous pouvez régler).]

Simple Training

Simple visual and sound signals of 4 types: numbers, shapes, colors and place of cones.

Everything is configurable to choose the number of signals and the time of Appearance.

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Complex training

More complex signals such as additions, contradictory signals, the speed of signal display etc.

Many different programs and regular updating.

 Learn more

Training path

Signals with a mandatory path to bypass the studs and end up in the starting Position.

Many different and regularly updated Programs.

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-1-Simple training,


A maximum configuration!!

For all your sessions, you can set up your visual and/or audio signals:

The number of studs, choose your colors, your numbers, your shapes, the placement of the studs and if you want to work for a certain time or a number of repetitions.

Number of cones

Choose a configuration from 2 to 5 studs

Choice of colors

Choose from 5 different colors

Choice of numbers

Choose from 5 digits

Choice of shapes

Choose from 5 different shapes

Placement of the Studs

Choose the setting of the placement of the studs

Choosing the duration of the exercise

Choose According to the free mode, the working time or the number of repetitions

Time between signals

choose, at the 1/2 second close, the time between the signals


-2-training Complex


More complex signals such as additions, contradictory signals, the speed of signal display etc.

Many different programs and regular updating.

Example: The name of the colors appears on a background of different color, the name of the color in beep with a background of different color etc.

-3-road Training


2 Types of programs: "Path" with a mandatory path to bypass the studs and end up in the starting position and another "order" with a defined order to touch the studs.

Many different and regularly updated Programs.


saq coach free


         The sheets to be printed


Below the files to print our 5 sheets. Just print, laminate and then tap around a stud and it's off to practice hours!!

Download the file and print

Buy Reco/back laminated cards


saq coach free

Our customers


They use it during speed work but also in physical preparation sessions or circuit training in their gym.

Who am I?

Nicolas Delpech – Professional physical trainer, track and field coach and trainer


Since 1995, I have been training. Since then, I have been able to rub shoulders with both Olympic-level athletes and up-and-coming youth in multiple sports (Football, handball, athletics, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, golf, tennis, rifle shooting, triathlon, running,  etc.).

The speed and especially the speed of information processing, anticipatory decision-making etc. have always been an important part in all the opposition explosiveness sports I coached.

Hence the birth of the SAQ Coach project that I was able to implement. I was able to test it on a lot of people regardless of their level. There has always been a strong investment on the part of athletes thanks to the playful and competitive side of the application.

My site / Physical preparation for performance



10 months ago
SAQ Coach - Saq Coach

Et n'oubliez pas nos fichiers gratuits à imprimer et à plastifier pour mettre sur vos cônes sont sur notre site


And don'tt ... See more

10 months ago
3P - Nicolas Delpech - Préparation physique

Bravo à Dan qui utilise l'application qui a fait parti des testeurs dès le début.
Une grosse victoire contre un ancien numéro 8 mondial, Jurgen Melzer, 291e (avec des victoires contre Federer, ... See more

Ho my god !!
Dan Added vient de battre Jurgen Melzer, 291e, (ancien 8e mondial, avec des victoires contre Federer, Nadal, Djokovic) !!!

Bravo, bravo !!!!
Allez on lâche la caravane pour la ... See more

11 months ago

jeu de couleurs 3 avec 4 plots
Allez à la couleur non représentée


color game 3 with 4 cones
Go to the color not shown

Merci / ... See more

11 months ago

Et voilà, la version Apple enfin disponible après quelques mois de difficulté.
Nous allons pouvoir communiquer sur notre application. ... See more

1 year ago

*** SAQ Coach App ***

Personnalisez votre séance en écartant les plots selon le niveau.

Personalize your session by spreading the cones according to the level.

1 year ago

**** APP SAQ Coach ****

Travail de vitesse de réaction et de vitesse avec Raphaël Cordier, rugby pro D2 Bourg en Bresse . Configuration de l'application SAQ Coach : Programme simple et complexe ... See more

1 year ago

***** App SAQ Coach *****

Travail de vitesse, d'agilité avec l'ASP Vauban, D2 féminine de football. Configuration de l'application SAQ Coach : Programme Chemin puis Ordre + 3 ... See more

1 year ago

*** App SAQ Coach ***
Dan Added / top 600 ATP tennis

Travail de vitesse et de vitesse de réaction.

Training simple (couleurs/chiffres)
2 triangles superposés avec des signaux différents pour ... See more

1 year ago

***** App SAQ Coach Android/shortly IOS *****

Sportifs autonomes avec l'application.

A l'image de Nebi, 14 ans, joueur de football, installant son parcours et effectuant seul la séance au rythme ... See more

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